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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Wednesday 21 July 2010

Shepherds Must Guide the Flock On Contraception and Give Light to the Secular World

Contraception has encouraged the 'sexual revolution' enabling sex to be separated from conjugal love within marriage. Sex has become a commodity to be enjoyed in an expection that there are no consequences, no responsibility.
The use of contraception is generally deemed to be the responsibility of today's 'liberated' woman. Therefore when it fails the man sees the resulting pregnancy as the woman's failure, her problem, nothing to do with him, hence the pressure to abort and generally immediate abandonment of the woman and of any responsibility towards his child.
Some men do of course use condoms, in an effort to protect themselves from another consequence of this so called sexual freedom, sexually transmitted disease, including HIV, Aids and the many other STDs.
Every day we hear via the media of the breakdown in our society, the breakdown of family life, divorce, single parents, the lack of male role models in many families, men's disempowerment in relation to taking responsibility and being fathers to their children, the gang culture, the killing, the drugs, the alcohol abuse, the sexual abuse. Our secular leaders - those in power - wring their hands: their solution, more sex education to younger and younger children, more contraception, more abortion.
Jesus asked who wanted to throw the first stone at the woman caught in adultery. So none of us have the right to judge anyone else, we do not know what that person has suffered, how they have been disadvantaged in life. Those of us who have been given the wonderful gift of faith have a greater responsibility than anyone else to fulfill our vocation in life to the best of our ability.
Our spiritual leaders, cardinals, bishops and priests know - or should know - that contraception is sinful, that natural family planning works, that it enhances the loving relationship of a husband and wife enabling them to truly love one another, to be open to life, to limit the number of children they have when there is a serious reason to, helping them to be chaste and faithful within marriage. We know it has no side effects, no ill effects, and that statistically it is much more effective than any form of contraception in planning a family in compliance with the will of God; true liberation for men and women.
If our church leaders, our shepherds, are not willing to speak out. If they are not willing to say in a compassionate way that sex outside of marriage is a mortal sin, if they are not willing to promote chastity, saving sex for marriage, natural family planning, if they are not willing to ensure that their congregations know the truth, to ensure that our schools follow the full teaching of the church so that our young people grow up without the contraceptive mentality of previous and current generations, what hope have we of our secular leaders ever seeing the light?
Ronni O'Gara

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