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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Friday 2 July 2010

Why Do These Girls Keep Getting Pregnant?

Does the following sound familiar?
‘I don’t understand why these girls get pregnant. If they get pregnant, it means that they aren’t educated properly, and they’ve not been careful.’
‘They have every kind of contraception!’
These are the automatic assumptions and accusations used to marginalise pregnant women.
‘Every kind of contraception?’
Yes, there’s an injection, patch, pill or ‘new and improved’ condom for everyone, but each and every one of them fails. The major institutions in a woman’s life, from her primary school classroom (‘now kids, these are condoms’) to her family dinner table (‘take the Pill every day, and don’t come home pregnant’) to the doctor’s office (‘the best is really the jab, you don’t have to worry about taking a Pill’) are all selling the contraception-is-faultless line. Women are sold the idea that they must use it correctly, and if it fails, well it’s their fault.
‘They’re not educated...’
Yes, women of my generation and the generations since the sixties have not been educated - as to the failure rates for contraception – and have received biased teaching totally in favour of contraception that amounts to a sales pitch. Parents may have used contraception themselves since they were in their teens, and have no chastity education to pass on to their children. They advocate contraception because they have nothing better to pass on. I have never met one pregnant mother (out of the hundreds that I have advised) who has been informed of the side-effects, complications, or the accurate figures for contraception failure.
One medical student that I met had not known that condoms could break...until it happened to her. Some had even been ‘doubling up’, using the Pill and the condom, until they were pregnant and then had ‘no idea how this pregnancy happened’. Then I’ve met girls who whisper, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me, the condom split and when I took the Morning-After Pill my body didn’t use it, and now I’m pregnant!’
‘They’ve not been careful’ people say.
This is so patronising! The majority of the women that we see have used contraception with meticulous care, and are mystified because they are pregnant. Women have been pressured into doing the one activity that is designed to make them pregnant. Yet contraception is marketed as a ‘cure’ for pregnancy, meaning that if you have sex and have a baby, well the ‘cure’ hasn’t worked for you – what’s wrong with you?
It’s time to drag out the contraception slogans and hold them up to the light.
‘I don’t understand why these girls get pregnant.’
Why? The public mindset has been trained to think that there’s a divorce between sexual activity and procreation.
‘They have every kind of contraception they could want!’
Yes, and there are still over 600 abortions every day in England and Wales.
‘And they’ve not been careful.’
Girls are then told to be ‘sensible’ and have an abortion. And you will notice that a lot of ‘abortion providers’ have an obsession with contraception, yet they know that many women have repeat abortions because their trusted contraception has failed. Women are then made to feel like they have failed, that the pregnancy is a failure on their part. A lot of women say ‘this is my first and last abortion. Never again! I’ll be more careful next time. They gave me the new pill. I’m never getting an abortion again.’ Until the next time, and the next... Until the day when everyone recognises the connection between contraception and multiple abortions.

Mary O' Regan

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