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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday 13 July 2010

Gynefix, still trying to "fix" women after all these years...

GyneFix, one of the 'new generation' IUDs, according to its manufacturers ‘looks like a small necklace of copper beads’.
Necklace? Pass the sick bag.
The manufacturers would surely win the grammy award for glamorising the IUD! The manufacturers state that this IUD works as a contraceptive when the “beads” of copper ‘kill’ the sperm by virtue of the toxic affect the copper has on sperm. This highlights the IUD’s capacity to give copper poisoning to the woman who is wearing this foreign body in her womb.
The manufacturers also admit that the IUD also works as ‘emergency contraception’, and may be fitted up to five days and even after five days to enable the killing of the newly conceived human being. So, it’s not really ‘contraception’, especially when it causes the endometrial lining of the womb to have an inflammatory reaction and prevent implantation of the newly fertilised human.
And still literally thousands of websites and cleverly written articles are at pains to convince that the Gynefix IUD does not work to cause ‘early’ abortion, but why then do it's manufacturers admit that it can eradicate the new life after conception?

Mary O'Regan

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