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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday 17 July 2010

The Evils of All Contraception - Even Barrier Methods

While listening to the radio today I heard a very shocking account of boy gang initiation rituals in this country where apparently girls as young as ten are raped by the gang. Members of a charity who say they are helping these young women were interviewed. One said they were teaching these young women that their bodies are their own to do what they want with, so long as they are consenting to what is done.
Are our bodies our own? Or are we created by God, to know love and serve Him and to be happy with Him for all eternity?
But of course we human beings are very clever. We have managed to find a way to thwart God's plan (as human beings have so foolishly done from Adam and Eve onwards) and interfere with His creation by inventing contraception. Many reasons are given as to how and why this 'wonderful' invention can change our lives for the better. The Catholic Church examined the case for contraception and concluded that it was against God's law and outlined the reasons for this conclusion in a document called 'Humanae Vitae'. I along with many catholics decided this was a harsh and unrealistic conclusion. I was working with young families at the time and was very sympathetic towards those married couples who already had children and who were living in poverty. What was wrong, I thought, with allowing them to use barrier methods of contraception? They already had enough to cope with.
It was only some years later that I learned how right and wise the teaching of the Church is and I also learned about natural family planning. The Church does not, contrary to what many think, expect parents to have more children than they can cope with spiritually, emotionally, practically or financially. Married couples are required to always be open to life, but they can use natural family planning to plan the number of children they have in relation to their spiritual, physical, emotional and financial resources. Also those who have problems conceiving a child can use natural family planning help them to do so.
Gradually I began to realise what an evil contraception really is. Over the years I have seen the many awful effects on humanity including, for example, the murder of millions of unborn babies through abortion when contraception fails, the easy availability of contraception and abortion on demand, even to school children whose parents do not have to be informed.
The majority of the women helped by the Good Counsel Network to avoid abortion, have become pregnant due to the failure of contraception. Since they are a random sample of women approaching abortion clinics it goes without saying that the majority of women who have abortions do so due to contraception failure.
Ronni O'Gara

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