Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday 24 July 2010

Condoms Don't Protect Women or Their "Unplanned" Children

Knowing contraception to be intrinsically evil, we never even suggest to a girl that she use it. We do, however invite them to tell us what contraception (if any)they are using. There is a strange phenomenon to be observed with many who reply, ‘I’m not using any contraception’; when we ask these same people have they been using condoms, they say yes.
Few pregnant women that I meet think of condoms as contraception anymore. These women have become too accustomed to condoms splitting and breaking; then the women would get the Morning After Pill as ‘back-up’. And if that doesn’t work, an abortion.
Other women who do still think of condoms as effective contraception are very frank;
‘If I ask him to use condoms, he can always find another woman who won’t ask him to use condoms. I came off the Pill because I was becoming as fat as a balloon...but when it comes down to it...he gets snarly when I ask him to use condoms.’
Many women say without embarrassment, ‘I’m afraid that I’ll lose him if I don’t give him sex every time.’
These are the same women who when they become pregnant are told by their boyfriends, ‘you weren’t meant to get pregnant, it’s your fault.’ And, ‘I’m not staying with you unless you have an abortion.’

Mary O'Regan

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