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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Thursday 15 July 2010

Condoms and STDs

The majority of the ladies that I have met with ‘unplanned pregnancies’ have been relying on condoms to separate their act of love from conceiving a baby. When they hear the news that they are pregnant, they usually say, ‘I can’t understand why I’m pregnant, I used a condom’.

The supporters of condoms admit that condoms may not protect against pregnancy, but they still babble the baloney that condoms ‘always protect against disease every time.’ Condom pushers have been careful to ignore a major US study, issued from the US Department of Health and Human Services, which found that there is no consistent evidence to support the idea that condoms stop the heterosexual transmission of STDs. A very scary fact was that the condom was found not to offer any ‘universal protection’ against the eight most re-occurring STDs, which include HIV, HPV and syphilis. Scarier still is that there are moves by condom pushers to prevent labels being put on condoms that would warn people of the findings of the US Study.
For a detailed review of the study, you may wish to read Mary Beth Bonacci’s article here.
Mary O'Regan


  1. When I was a drugs worker, we had a talk from a sexual heath nurse on chlamydia screening, who said that individuals diagnosed with chlamydia were asked to refrain from having sex during their antibiotic treatment, even sex with a condom. When she was challenged on this she admitted that clinical indications were that condoms only prevented transmission of chlamydia about 40% of the time - then entreated us not to reveal the statistic to our clients.

  2. It is ironic that there is a health warning on a packet of cigarettes - but not on condoms!


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