Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Thursday 29 July 2010

Do We Pray For and Help the Young to Learn the Truth?

I do not have children or grandchildren so I do not know what Catholic children are taught today in relation to faith or morals. Are all catholic children given age appropriate teaching on for example, chastity, responsibility within all relationships, on the evils of contraception and abortion, love within marriage, natural family planning in compliance with the teaching of the Church?
I imagine that nowadays it would be almost impossible to isolate or completely protect any young person from prevailing views regarding contraception and abortion. I in my own small circle of friends and acquaintances have heard practising Catholics agree with contraception and even abortion in certain serious circumstances.
We have many excellent young people who want to obey God's law. They are under tremendous pressure to conform to current norms and values. Have they got full knowledge of the teaching of the Church? Have they got proper spiritual guidance? Have they our support, e.g. do we pray for them, give good example etc? Young people are our future and the future of our church. Will they be able to stop the tide of contraception and abortion ?

Ronni O'Gara

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