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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Monday 5 July 2010

Why Contraception is Wrong

A man and a women become one when they make the bond of Marriage, (They have chosen each other to go through the trials of life together) and if they are graced with children, this union, the giving and receiving of each other, creates a baby.

The baby is a gift from God and needs to be loved and cherished, Marriage is a vocation which you have chosen, so even when times are hard, we still need to give and our difficulties need to be offered in prayer. We can receive great strength at difficult times by receiving Jesus heavenly body; this teaches us to feel loved, so therefore we learn to love. Confession is also important because it purifies us; there in the confessional we are able to say that we have been unable to give in the way we would like.

If you use contraception, you choose not to give yourself to one another truly. It is an outward sign that there is distrust, or a feeling that you can not really love this person.

Although contraception makes sex outside Marriage seem easy and safe, it is important not to just go out with someone and think 'I will see if we are really compatible by the act of lovemaking' thinking that then, after this you can see if you get on in other ways. Because of the contraception there is already a lack of trust between you, the witholding of a part of yourself in the gift of yourself to the other. And fear. There is also a false pretence that you are giving all to each other, but it is just the outward appearance, not a deep love.

Gabi O'Sullivan

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