Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Monday 5 July 2010

Louisa Staunton, A Saintly Deceased Pro-Lifer

Today we had our annual Mass for Louisa Staunton, RIP, our supporter and benefactor, who died on 5th July 2004. Louisa originally came to The Good Counsel Network to attend the Counsellor Training Course we run. One day when attending one of the sessions, she overheard Stuart phoning around trying to find accommodation for a woman who was turned around outside an abortion clinic and who wanted to keep her baby, but could not go home as her boyfriend had threatened both her and her baby. Louisa immediately said "She can stay with me!". Without regard for her own safety or comfort, Louisa took this lady home with her and there began her new work of looking after vulnerable expectant mums. Louisa turned her whole house over to us, having as many as 3 members of our staff/volunteers living with her at any time as well as up to 4 mothers-to-be. She hated to accept any money from the mothers who stayed with her and was regarded as a grandmotherly figure by them all. The Friday before she died, I brought another girl to stay with Louisa. We had tried to find her a place wherever we could and Louisa was the first to say yes, even though there were already 4 other women staying with her. When we arrived she made "Mary" very welcome and cheered her up no end by her friendliness. "Its Our Lady's house" she told us as we thanked her for taking Mary in. Louisa went to bed that night but could not be woken in the morning. She was taken to hospital where she remained unconscious until Monday. Doctors found she had had bleeding around the brain during Friday night. On Monday a Priest came to the hospital to say Mass in her room. Louisa died after the Mass, having never regained consciousness.
During her life Louisa worked as a nurse, later a psychiatric nurse and also an assistant to the blind. She was involved in many, many Catholic organisations, especially The Legion of Mary. Even aged 75, she did the shopping for many ill and housebound neighbours and was known very well by all who lived near her. She gave away anything that was asked of her to others, including on one occasion where she gave her car to a family she had just met whose car had broken down! She was a particular friend to the lonely and depressed. She loved Our Lord and had a strong devotion to Our Lady, particularly Our Lady of Good Counsel and Our Lady of All Nations.
May God rest your soul Louisa, our great pro-life friend and sister in Christ.

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