Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Monday 19 July 2010

Openness to Life

As those of you who read this blog regularly will know, I very recently got married. I have just got back from honeymoon last week. It was most certainly the happiest day of my life to date and I would like to thank anyone who prayed for me and my lovely new wife. I’m sure it helped to make everything run so smoothly.
As a newly married man and woman, children was at the forefront of our minds. Are we ready to have children? When should we have children? Are we in a position to have a child? And support it? While these questions naturally came to mind these are all negative questions. We also thought of the wonder of having children. I have seen nephews, nieces and cousins growing up and can't wait to have my own. We would both love to have our own children to cherish as soon as possible.
I am aware that some would say we need to be sensible, but we have decided to leave things to God. Some think that in the future we will need to look at our circumstances and evaluate whether God would like us to have more children, but for now I know that we do not need to have the biggest or nicest house, a sports car, live close to the best school or even feel a little petrified that I might do something wrong for my first child. I believe children do not need perfection, they need their Father and Mother around them to love and to look after them and teach them the faith. The rest come as a matter of course. I will pray and trust in God and I know that He will provide.

Conor Carroll

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