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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Contraception and the Destruction of Love

The love a man and woman have, within marriage, needs to be governed by self-control. Each and every act of making love within marriage needs to be open to the transmission of creating life. Contraception, whether it is condoms, diaphragms, the contraceptive pill or other methods, are preventing life from being created, and are putting a block, a barrier between the husband and his wife, preventing an act of total self giving. Not only does contraception prevent life from being created, it causes a mentality that the husband and wife can choose when they can have a baby. This puts a block between the man and woman and indeed God himself. A married couple are called to cooperate with God’s plan in creating life. It is a beautiful and humbling thought that God desires such intimacy with the married couple, that God creates life through the love and openness that the spouses have for each other. This is why it is always wrong to use contraception and the act of making love is reserved for marriage only. Sex is beautiful and holy. Let’s not tamper with God's plan to create life.
Contraception actually hinders communication, intimacy, affection and tenderness between the spouses, creating an idol out of pleasure and self-gratification. The lack of fecundity and total self-giving in the use of contraception is contrary to God's plan, and it is no wonder that divorce rates, not to mention abortions, cohabitation and 'trial marriages' are so prevalent in the world, since the wide acceptance of contraception in the 60s during the sexual revolution.
There is also a very strong link between contraception and abortion. Not only do some forms of contraception cause an early abortion, and are thus abortifacients, they create a mentality, which is not open to life and to motherhood, and so the obvious result of an unplanned pregnancy is tragically, abortion.
Natural Family Planning on the other hand is a natural means of spacing children and as long as it is not used for selfish reasons, it strengthens the love between husband and wife. It differs from contraception as it allows for communication and love to grow. Contraception slowly erodes the couple's ability to love, and creates a disordered desire to make the act of making love primarily about pleasure, which destroys friendship and prevents self sacrificial love from growing and blossoming.

James Coulborn

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