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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Contracepting Society Reaps A Monstrous Harvest of Impurity Amongst Children

The Picture Shows St Maria Goretti, the 12 year old Virgim Martyr who died witnessing to the value of purity to her assaillant who later reformed his life.
Many people these days fall into the trap of being pressurised by the modern world, advertising, the media,friends and even family.
It seems the easiest solution to many people, even those who are newly married, is to "wait until later" to have children, just to take a 'simple' contraceptive pill every day and not to worry about getting pregnant, with all the promises of the governments and family planning "clinics" that it will stop unwanted pregnancy.
Sadly there are many Catholics that do not believe that contraception is wrong. How many times have we heard them say, “ the Church should start keeping up with the changing times”. I had to remind a couple of young relatives recently, “ But God’s laws don’t change with the
times, if we change God’s laws to suit the modern times it will lead to sins such as abortion and euthanasia”.
We need to remember that fornication is still a sin, using contraception as the majority of people do before marriage is still a serious sin. Also, to use contraception in a marriage is a serious sin.
Unfortunately, many people are unaware that many hormonal contraceptives found in the Pill, contraceptive implants, some coils(IUS), injectable contraceptives and contraceptive patches are also abortifacients (they can cause abortions when they fail to prevent conception occurring).
Unfortunately many people like to "make up their own minds" about what part of their religion is right or wrong - usually if it's inconvenient for them they are easily tempted to find an excuse to do what they want by justifying it so it fits in with their lifestyles.
Now in schools we are threatened with the recently proposed children,schools and families(SRE)Bill which aims to make sex and relationships education compulsory for five to sixteen year olds even in Catholic schools. This is very worrying.
If these proposals come back under the new government, as they may well do, from a young age children will be taught about contraception, how to use it and where to get it. They will also learn how to procure an abortion.
The Government and Family Planning "clinics" are now encouraging sexual behaviour
at an early age and with guidance from the Teenage Pregnancy Advisory Group and
members of the pro-abortion lobby which include the Family Planning Association,
Marie Stopes International, Education for Choice and Brook Advisory Service.
Britain is already notorious for having one of the highest teenage pregnancy and abortion rates in Europe. Recently something I read that shocked me, but didn't surprise me, in a London paper; up to two school children aged under 16 are being charged with sex offences every week. The paper stated that the appalling scale of sex crimes among school age children is clear from details obtained under freedom of information laws. There was a sickening case of a boy aged 12
admitting to raping a boy aged 9. He was already on bail for sexually assaulting two girls under the age of 13.

I believe this is the result of sex education gone mad. I believe our Children should be taught about Chastity and the importance of Marriage and Christian family values. They also need to hear that the use of contraception is a sin and harmful in many ways to an individual and to society.

Lorraine Coyne

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