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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Monday, 26 July 2010

Faithful Environment for Study is the Best Beginning for a Faithful Life

At this time of year, when so many young people are deciding which university or college to attend, perhaps it is well to consider not only the content of the course one hopes to follow, but also the quality of the Roman Catholic chaplaincy at the college or university.

A particular course can - hopefully - offer great benefits for one's future success in life. However, it is an unavoidable fact that the guidance received in the practice of one's Faith during further education - a time when one is often vulnerable as never before - can sustain or destroy one in life for many years to come - if not forever.

The year 1968 saw great upheavals everywhere - not least on university campuses. Many young people were swept up in the new ideologies of supposed 'freedom' and 'permissiveness'. These included many young people who had been committed Catholics when they left school, but were ill-equipped in the knowledge of their faith to withstand the anti-religious (particularly anti-Catholic) stance of the new society they found themselves in. Sadly many left the Church, believing it to be out-dated in its teaching. The publication of 'Humanae Vitae' seemed only to confirm this, as the 'infallible' secular world never ceased to remind us. Very few young people actually read the encyclical, but the majority of an entire Catholic generation turned its back on its Faith, without knowing of the deep compassion (to say nothing of the bravery) of Pope Paul Vl that is so evident on reading it.

These young people are nearing retirement now - the promises and excesses of the 1960's now seem nothing if not an illusion.. broken marriages and a deep unhappiness are the lot of the majority.
I believe that many would turn back to their Faith now if they understood that Almighty God is still searching for them and offering them the life they rejected years ago...

Maybe we need a Youth 2000 for 'Oldies'.... !


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  1. I think Racquel Welsh said it best when she railed against the Pill earlier this year - that if an ageing sex-symbol had come to these conclusions, people should listen!


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