Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Friday 23 July 2010

Urgent Prayer Request After Yet More Condom Failure

A young muslim lady recently arrived on the doorsteps of an abortuary hoping to have a pregnancy test and an abortion. She didn't have an appointment. Fortunately for her baby this meant she could not be seen.

She then met a supporter who persuaded her to come to our Centre for the pregnancy test. The girl is studying and hopes to take further qualifications later. She considers her ex-boyfriend, the father of her child who is unaware of the pregnancy, to be too immature to stay with. She was quite surprised to find herself pregnant as they had only been sleeping toegether occassionally and were using condoms. Having bought into our culture's lies - that sex is a recreational activity and not part of a Marriage commitment - and also believing that condoms always prevent pregnancy, this young lady is now faced with a stark choice of continuing the pregnancy and giving up all the plans she had or having an abortion.

At the end of a her time at her Centre (she stayed for two hours) she was still quite set on the idea of abortion. The friend who had accompanied her to the abortuary felt that abortion was wrong except in some circumstances - i.e. her friends! The volunteer who met them at the abortuary spoke to me later in the day and said "Oh well! It's a miracle we need then. I will ask everyone I know to pray for her."

And I too am asking you, please pray for this young lady.

Stuart McCullough

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