Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Thursday 27 October 2022

Abortion Death Toll Reaches 10 million

At some point in early autumn this year, the total number of abortions carried out in Great Britain reached 10 million. It is hard to imagine 10 million people. I’ve never seen 10 million people in one place at one time. I live in London which has a population of nine and a half million and I come from Wales which has a population of a little over 3 million. So, when I consider the 10 million people who have lost their lives to abortion since the passing of the Abortion Act in October 1967, to be honest, such a number of deaths is incomprehensible. So many people who could have achieved so many things that we will never know of.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta was once asked, why God had not sent someone to cure AIDS, she replied instantly, that God had sent someone to cure AIDS, but that they had been aborted.

We all know people that we find inspiring, someone we think it is worth looking up to, great saints or religious leaders, an author, an honest politician, a good teacher from our school days or maybe even some good athlete or a pop or film star. I’m sure that a number of people have come to mind as you read this, I myself think of the great author GK Chesterton whose writings helped me to join the Catholic Church. Now imagine that the person whom you have thought of had, for whatever reason, been aborted. There can be little doubt that without these people our lives would not have been as fulfilled as they have been. Imagine this loss 10 million times over.

When we are confronted with the scale of abortion we can despair, but we should not, as we must remember that in the end, God wins. His win won’t trample down those who have been wounded by abortion but will liberate them from their pain and will end abortion forever.

I cannot stop all of the abortions that will take place this year and neither can you, but God can. The incredible overturning of Roe vs Wade is a sign of what God can do, and yet, even in the US the move towards ending abortion has only begun, there is still much work to do.

What Can I Do?

Here in the UK, we need to do what we can practically do to reach out to pregnant women and assure them that the help and support they need is really here. That we can help them with their basic needs so that they can keep their babies. In every life that is spared from being aborted, God has sent gifts and solutions to the world’s problems.  Helping one life to be spared is helping to change the world!

©      You could come and join us in this work, praying outside one of the abortion centres in London or around the country (contact us for details of your local vigil). The women going into the abortion centres really need grace from God to continue their pregnancies and it may be that it is your prayers that will provide them with this grace. A trained counsellor there at the doorstep of an abortion centre, offering practical help and support to the women is also of the utmost importance.

©      Does your place of work or student residence etc have any posters or leaflets offering help and support with the phone number of a pro-life pregnancy centre? If not, contact our office and we will post you a fridge magnet today with a helpline number where women can find support today.

©      Does your parish have a Good Counsel Network poster on its noticeboard? Ask us to send them one today if not.

©      Have you joined our Rotary Rota where we ask you to say a Rosary just once a month on a specific day to help support the mothers that we see?

©      Saint Teresa of Calcutta said that abortion would end if we all spent one hour a week in Eucharistic Adoration. Is this something you could offer for the end of abortion? You can join our Adoration Rota and offer an hour of Adoration in your parish for the end of abortion.

God will ask us to account for our time when we stand before Him. We are all busy, we all have lots of commitments, but we can all do our bit.

Over the years in my work in the Pro-life Movement I’ve heard many women speak, after they've had an abortion, about how things may have been different, “if only someone had been there to offer me an alternative.” Then I look at the number of young people whom I now know, whose mothers, upon arriving at an abortion centre did find somebody there and that someone made all the difference, allowing them to choose life for their children! We are all called to be that someone in whatever ways we can, we are all called to do something.

Volunteering & Financial Support

Many of the mothers that we help have serious practical and financial needs and so supporting our work with a donation or better still with a monthly standing order also makes a huge contribution towards saving the lives of unborn babies. Please donate what you can today.

©      Join our Lifesaver’s Circle by donating £350 pounds, which you can also do by taking out a standing order for £30 each month or

©      Join our St Margaret Clitherow Guild by donating £1000 which you can do by donating £84 a month by standing order.

Whatever you do, do something, and God bless you for your support of His little ones.


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