Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Monday 18 June 2018

Summer & Longer Good Counsel Volunteer Workers Internship Programme

I have been amazed to find that nearly every day a woman outside an abortion clinic turns and chooses to take up our offer of help instead of going in for an abortion. 
Jess Almeida, Good Counsel Intern, now Sr Jess of the 
Sisters of the Gospel of Life, Glasgow.
Left Baby "Marla" whose mum chose life

Looking for an interesting and challenging project for the summer? Or for the next few months? Volunteer for Good Counsel's Intern Programme or the Summer Mini-Internship and learn how to take part in front line prolife work in a peaceful and prayerful Catholic atmosphere. It can be very hard work but it also has been extremely fruitful in terms of the number of babies saved and extremely fruitful in the lives of those involved in the programme. It has also been a decisive moment in the lives of some of our interns, helping them to discern their future careers or vocations. Some interns have gone on to work long-term for the Good Counsel Network, or for other pro-life groups. Some have discovered a vocation. Others want to take the skills they have learned back to their own countries or towns.
Interns working together

Full Internships (3 months)

Interns volunteer full time with us and have the opportunity to learn:
                How to start and run a successful Crisis Pregnancy Centre
                How to start and run a vigil at an abortion centre
                How to run a 40 Days for Life campaign
                How to advise and support a pregnant woman in a crisis
                How to remain faithful to the Catholic Church’s teachings in all aspects of your                       prolife work
Internships are offered for a 3 month periods. Interns live in London and receive a subsistence allowance, travel expenses and free accommodation. They live as part of a community, praying and working together. There are men’s and women’s intern houses.

 Interns socialising together

Summer Mini-Internships (4-6 weeks)

Summer mini-internships last from 4-6 weeks and provide a basic grounding in running vigils and basic skills for offering women alternatives to abortion, as well as a grounding in pro-life issues such as the law on abortion in the UK, the law in practise, foetal development and abortion.
Accommodation and allowances are the same as for the full internship (above). Mini-internships are available between June and September only.
If you are interested, please email fredathome2@yahoo.co.uk and send your CV or a covering letter with a brief outline of your work history, studies, plans and the reasons for your interest in the Programme.
More Interns working hard...

 “It was an honour to get to walk mothers through a difficult time in their lives. To help mothers who have had abortions towards healing. And it was an honour to get to hold the babies who otherwise wouldn’t be there. To be a part of the story of people whose lives are going to change the world somehow just because they got the chance to live.”
                                                                                               Charis, Good Counsel Intern

Clare McCullough

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