Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday 14 March 2023

When Life Isn't Cheap: 40 Days of Celebrating Mums Choosing Life Day 21


When I met Natalie and John they were planning an abortion. I asked them why and they told us that their families were both Christian, and in the part of Africa they were both from, getting pregnant outside of marriage was not something their families would accept.

We talked about the development of the baby and they both said they thought abortion was wrong but just didn't see any way out for them.

"Is there anything, any practical thing, that we could offer that might help change the situation?" I asked."Yes" said John, "There is one thing". "If I had the money to compensate her family for the mistake we have made. Then I could ask for her hand in marriage." This required a small loan of a few hundred pounds.

John approached Natalie's parents, owned up to what had happened. He offered his apologies for disrespecting the beliefs and values they all held and for disrespecting Natalie. He paid them the required "compensation" and got their permission to get married. 

They kept their baby and, some time later, we got an invitation to their wedding!

The couple bloomed form thereonand were able to pay back the loan we made them over the next year. 

Imagine a world where a small loan can save the life of a child, and where an abortion centre was willing to end the child's life rather than help them to obtain the small amount of help the parents needed to choose life!

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