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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Monday 20 March 2023

Nagged into Giving Up A Precious Child, But God Had Another Plan! 40 Days of Celebrating Mums Choosing Life Day 27

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Isabel wanted to keep her baby. Her much older boyfriend who already had children from a previous relationship didn't. He put so much pressure on her that she rang her mum and told her about the pregnancy, hoping for support, instead, her mum said "If he doesn't want the baby, you will be alone in London with no help. I think you should have the abortion."

It was just at this point that Isabel came to us, desperate for help to keep her baby. We were able to offer support and help, due to the donations we recieve, and she accepted gratefully. 
Then she brought her boyfriend to see us. He rubbished all the help and told her she was stupid if she believed us. We had offered help with her rent and legal help, because she was being discriminated against at work because of her pregnancy.
She went home but continued to say she wanted her baby. She stayed in touch with us on a daily basis, trying to overcome the pressure she was under from the two people she cared about most. 
Finally one day, when she was 8 weeks pregnant, she didn't call. We couldn't get through to her either. Late that night she rang me and said she had taken the first abortion pill. 
She bitterly regretted it and was crying on the phone.
I told her if she wanted to stop the abortion process and keep her baby, we could help her to see a doctor privately to see if there was anything he could do (this was before abortion reversal services became widely available). But she said  she didn't think she could stop now that she had started and she just couldn't listen to anymore nagging from her boyfriend. She was going to take the second pill as well.
I told her we would pray for her and I felt very sorry for her because I could tell that she was very disappointed in herself, but also felt unable stand up for what she thought was right.
We did pray for Isabel but we didn't expect to hear from her again. 
A fortnight later I had a call from her and I picked it up to hear her saying "You are never going to believe this! I am still pregnant."
She was right! I couldn't believe it.
Isabel was one of a small number of Mothers we have seen who have taken not just 1 but both stages of the abortion pill and have still - without any medical help - managed to keep their babies.
Incredibly after all she had been through, her boyfriend continued to push her to try to abort again. And her Mother told her "Your baby will probably be handicapped because of the abortion pills. You should get rid of it!" 
But Isabel had learned what it felt like to be on the other side of an abortion (or so it had seemed) - and she was never going to do that again!
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Isabel gave birth to a healthy baby girl who is now very much loved by her dad and her maternal grandmother. However, Isabel herself will never rely on them for advice in making a good decision, she has come to a new confidence in her own conscience and a new relationship with God through repenting of the mistake that nearly robbed her of her daughter!

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