Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Monday 13 March 2023

The Uninvited Guest was their Baby: 40 Days of Celebrating Mums Choosing Life Day 20


Elsa was a young Latin American woman studying to be a lawyer. She was engaged to a young Algerian man, Ben. She was a Christian, he was a muslim, neither of them were practising their faith. When Ben's mother visited England, he sent Elsa to stay with a friend so he could pretend they were not living together. His mum liked Elsa and agreed to their marriage. They got their invitations printed and sent them off to invite all their friends to their wedding.

Then Elsa found out she was pregnant and suddenly everything changed. Ben was furious at first and very anxious. If she would abort the baby, he said, they could get married and everything would be fine. Then they could soon have another child. But they couldn't have this child, because then his family would know they had been livng together and they would never accept their child.

Elsa couldn't believe her ears! They were about to get married and her fiance was expecting her to abort their baby? She wouldn't even consider it! But Ben said he would throw her out of the flat if she kept the baby. Thankfully, she found Good Counsel, and we were able to find her a place to stay in a supporter's home. She finished the relationship with Ben for good.

She stayed for a couple of months, while she put her affairs in England in order and then moved home to tell her family the bad news about her fiance and the good news about her baby, which they accepted with great joy.

Later she wrote to tell us that she had qualified and was working in law back home, and loving raising her son, with her parents help.

Let us pray for parents who have to stand up to their partner over the issue of abortion. God bless the courage of mothers like Elsa, and also the fathers who oppose the abortion of their children.

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