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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday 11 March 2023

I Lost My Baby & Health,But Then I Choose Life: 40 Days of Celebrating Mums Choosing Life Day 18


The first time I found out about the Good Counsel Network was from receiving one of their leaflets outside the BPAS abortion centre. 

I was already in the BPAS clinic when I read the leaflet, so I tried to postpone the abortion. I had already postponed it several times. My financial situation was very bad and I had no job. I didn’t want the abortion, I wanted to keep the baby but the Clinic called me so many times and sent reminders about my appointment. In the end, I felt I had to go through with it. 

After the abortion I had bleeding for three months. I went back to the clinic, they told me that was normal – I’m a nurse by the way -I know that that’s not normal. I kept going, they told me if it didn’t stop, to come back again but then they told me it was not their responsibility. I had a contraceptive implant while I was at the clinic. I told them I had an allergy to the hormones in it, but they said it was completely safe, there were no consequences. I told them that just once in my life I had had contraceptive tablets, just once a long time ago, but that my body did not tolerate them. Later on I went back to ask them to remove the implant and they refused, I would need to go to a hospital they said. 

When I asked them why all this had happened to me they said it was just my bad luck.The bleeding was still happening. I went to different clinics, different hospitals, A&E. Meanwhile I was trying to work. I decided to go back to my home country at the end of the August and have the doctor check out my cervix properly, because of the abortion complications. When I came back to the UK, in September, I received a letter for an appointment for a smear test at the surgery. The results were not OK . After that I received another letter for further investigation,a month later, in another hospital.

I had had the abortion on 1st of June. The bleeding had continued until September. The clinic had only offered me Vitamin K. But I said I wanted to know the cause of the bleeding. If I had no medical knowledge at all and if I had believed them that this bleeding was normal, probably I could have had my bleeding stopped with Vitamin K and I would have been resting assured that my health was great which it obviously wasn’t. In January I had more tests in the hospital and again the results were not OK. There was scarring on my cervix from the abortion, I needed treatment as well for pre-cancerous cells there. The gynaecologist I saw told me the abortion and the scarring of my cervix as well as the implant which turned my hormonal body balance upside down, had all contributed to my health problems.

Early the following year, I got pregnant again. I had kept the leaflet of the Good Counsel Network. I was again in a difficult situation, but at least I decided to contact tGood Counsel and I got in touch with them at the beginning. They offered me legal advice whenever I needed it, because I needed to find out my rights as a pregnant woman, especially my rights at work, and they told me all about it. They offered me support. And I had the baby and everything is fine.

I wish I had never had the abortion, but had accepted the help I was offered.

I continue to have health problems and need regular check ups for cancer prevention, something I believe was hugely aggravated by having an abortion and the poor follow up care I received.                     - Caitlin

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