Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Sunday 26 March 2023

Keep Calm and Buy Me A House: 40 Days of Celebrating Mums Choosing Life Day 33

 Gina's Facebook Live - Day 33: Fall 2022 | Weigh In with Gina on Acast

Dawn, a young Latin American mum demanded that we buy her a house. She had her abortion booked for the following day. She was 23 weeks and a few days. Tomorrow, she said, was her last chance to get an abortion.

No, we couldn't buy her a house! While we commit to keeping a roof over a mum (and her children)'s heads, we cannot stretch to buying everyone a house!

It felt a bit like blackmail: buy me a house or I have the abortion. But we had to see deeper and acknowledge that her demand was made from a place of a thousand fears and a hundred sleepless nights. We shared information on the development of her baby, on how abortion is done, on the real help we offer.

She went away to think about it. We prayed.

Not only did she keep her baby, but in the years to come she bought her own home and eventually offered rooms to us to help other women and help for them to get work.

Sometimes in this job it's really all God's work.

You can donate to help us support mums like Dawn here or here.

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