Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Friday 24 March 2023

Monica's Tears: 40 Days Celebrating Mums Choosing Life Day 31

Monica came to us as a young woman who really wanted to keep her baby. She was quite strong in her faith but had fallen into a relationship she didn't really agree with.  Her boyfriend said it was the wrong time. Her family said "Get rid of it or you will be homeless." At some point, Monica gave in and had the abortion. Immediately afterwards she sank into deep despair and regret.

Feeling that bad didn't give her much confidence to get out of her relationship, so life continued to be more depressing. Exactly a year to the day after her abortion, Monica found out she was pregnant again. After all the tears she had shed, she was NEVER going to have an abortion again. So she told her family and her boyfriend she was keeping the baby.

Her boyfriend produced an article from the Daily Mirror saying it cost £100,000 to raise a child. And £5000 of that was for "Nursery Furniture and toys". Monica thought this was ridiculous and asked him "Where are we going to keep £5000 worth of toys? In the 'West Wing' of our mansion?" Meanwhile she noticed he didn't mind saving up money for leather car seat covers, something that particularly rankled when she was being pressured to abort.

A similar scaremongering article to the one Monica saw

The mother of St Augustine, St Monica, saved her son by her prayers and tears. And our Monica repented of her abortion with prayer and her tears. Monica's tears saved her from making the same mistake again. She had her baby, a boy, who was loved by her family and the baby's father realised he wanted to be involved in his life. Monica also returned to practising her faith and living it.

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