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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday 18 March 2023

A Wrong Number that was Right & Some Other God-incidences: 40 Days of Celebrating Mums Choosing Life Day 25

Day 25 - YouTube

Tina came to see us with her boyfriend. She wanted the abortion, he didn't. After he left the room she told us that she suspected him of being unfaithful. He, meanwhile, told us he suspected her of being unfaithful to him. He wanted them to sort out their difficulties and move forward keeping the baby. She, separately, began to change her mind on abortion and said she also wanted to keep her baby. After they left our centre, they carried on arguing and he had to go back to college in the North of England. Meanwhile, Tina's sister, who hated Tina's boyfriend, David, kept phoning her and telling her to get rid of the baby and not end up tied to David.

A week passed and Tina suddenly texted us one evening. Tina had somehow mixed up our number with that of an abortion provider. She said she wanted to book an abortion. I called her and explained to her who we she had contacted, she was astounded to have texted us when she thought it was the abortion centre, and she agreed to come back and talk again before having the abortion.

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We met again and spoke and we spoke several more times on the phone afterwards. On one occasion she popped in to talk to us in person. Meanwhile David popped in to see us too - on his way from York to pay her a surprise visit. She was amazed that his visit to us should have coincided with hers which she hadn't told him about. She began to see God's hand in all this.

At one point she told me that her mum would never accept the baby. I asked would she like me to speak to her mum. She said yes, then no, then yes again - struggling to find the courage to let her mum, back home in Ghana, be told about her baby. Finally she said "Yes please tell. her", but then backed out and gave me her sister's number instead of her mum's. She said "Let her tell you why I shouldn't have David's baby. She hates him." But somehow, when I rang her sister I got through to her mum who was visiting her sister at that moment. Her mum explained who she was and was totally stunned by what I had revealed (since I had been thinking I was talking to Tina's sister). Now that her mum knew, I gently explained the whole situation, and although she was worried about her daughter, alone and pregnant in London, she said "I must help her to keep the baby!" 

That was the end of Tina considering abortion. Once Tina knew her mum - and dad - were going to accept her baby, she opened up to accept the baby herself. David supported her through the pregnancy and they managed to leave their past mistakes in the past. When the baby was born, Tina phoned us immediately after she gave birth to thank us all from the heart. 

Thank God for wrong numbers, and mysterious interventions.

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