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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday 4 September 2010

Proof That Evil Exists; Outcry Over Cat As Hundreds of Thousands of Babies Die

I was coming home on the tube a few days ago when I saw the headlines and read the story of the lady who threw a cat into a dustbin and left him there for 15 hours. The article went on to criticise her actions, and to outline the outrage expressed by the public against the lady concerned. She even had death threats made against her.
Later in the day I opened my email to find some pictures. There was the scan of a beautiful baby girl who is not expected to make her entrance to this world until November. The delicate features of her pretty little face partly hidden by a small but perfectly formed hand was so clear. Yet she had been destined to be torn from limb to limb while being aborted. (We don't want to pretend to ourselves that this is true, much less acknowlege that the aborted baby will experience any pain or suffering.)
This little girl "should" be dead, a little tick in the abortion statistics. But her mother met one of Good Counsel's volunteers quietly praying outside an abortion clinic and handing out leaflets which outline the help we can give and which she is now receiving from Good Counsel. She will continue to receive this help while she and her baby need it.
Pro-lifers are often seen as 'crackpots' who harass women outside abortion clinics. They are seen as those who have the cheek to challenge the woman's right to choose. Of course it would not do to see the baby as the fully formed baby she or he is; Don't tell the truth. This is not a baby its only a fetus. It doesn't matter. It is just an inconvenience. Get outraged with those who try to save this child's life. If her mother wants to kill her, that choice and right must be defended at all costs.
Make sure a woman has a right to kill her own child. Threaten with death the woman who allegedly puts a cat in a dustbin. Of course she is wrong to do this, all animals are God's creatures and must be treated properly and with respect. But value a cat above a baby? Is our society mad or very evil. Evil? the Devil?! Surely we are more sophisticated than to believe they exist!!!

Don't they ???

Ronni O'Gara

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  1. I couldn't agree more!
    This ridiculous story was on National TV news up here in Scotland!!!

    This is a superb Blog. Thank you.


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