Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday 11 September 2010

Prayer For Conversion Helps to End Abortion

Picture: The Conversion of St Paul

As I have said a number of times there is no possibility of ending abortion in this country or any other without prayer and conversion.

In the past, at Benediction, the prayer for our separated brethren would be recited, and when one looks at the number of people who entered the church in England over the last hundred years it is clear that the recitation of this prayer bore fruit. The effects of the widespread dropping of this prayer are also clear for all to see.

We try to have Benediction every day at The Good Counsel Network’s chapel. I was quite struck while reciting this prayer a few days ago at Benediction in our chapel, as the deacon was from Africa, the server was of Irish decent and I myself am from Wales. But it mattered not. We are all perfectly aware that this country needs conversion. Be it our separated brethren in the Orthodox churches, C of E, or post-reformation secularists if we do not pray for them regularly we cannot hope to end Abortion.

Stuart McCullough

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