Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Monday 27 September 2010

The Post Papal Visit Era

We are now in the aftermath of the Papal visit.
I was not born when Pope John Paul II came to these shores, but even now people still talk about it. I am very sure that in 30 years time I will still remember this visit. I feel it is a duty for us to remember it, to take from it all that Pope Benedict XVI came to give us. He came to call us all to be saints, to stand up for what we believe. To stop the ever incresing tide of aggressive Atheism and Secularisation of England, which is, after all, Our Lady's Dowry. When he was at Westminster Abbey he very deliberately spoke of St Thomas More who died for the faith, At Hyde Park he told us we must all follow our Vocation to sainthood and at Cofton Park he extolled the virtues of Cardinal Newman. Now I say it is time to take up the banner once and for all. To fight the persecution which is, sometimes subtly, all around us. To stop abhorrent practices such as Abortion, Euthanasia and contraception, to be united in our Faith and be proud of it.
Who's with me?
Conor Carroll

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