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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Why I am Pro-Life

There are many reasons why I am pro-life, some of which I will outline in my blog today and tomorrow.

I learned from my parents, and subsequently at school that God created the world and everything in it, that all of God’s creation must be valued and respected, but that human beings have a special place and function in this creation. Humans are of a higher order than the rest of creation because each one is created as a unique person, in the image and likeness of God, with a unique immortal soul which is to live for all eternity. I learned that each human being was created by God to know Him, love Him, serve Him and to be happy with Him for all eternity.
I did not know about abortion or contraception, as far as I remember, until I began my general nurse training. I became aware from study of anatomy and physiology and the church’s teaching that human life begins when the ovum is fertilised by the sperm. I decided that I would never do anything to help end a baby’s life.
The first time I had to make a decision regarding the protection of life was when, as part of my training, I was required to work in general theatre. I knew clearly from the fifth commandment, “Thou shall not kill” that abortion was murder and that if I helped it would be a mortal sin. I went to the hospital matron and explained that I would not work in general theatre where I would be required to participate in all surgery including abortion. I was allowed to work in a theatre which only dealt with ear nose and throat surgery.
The next time I had to confront this issue was during my midwifery training. The use of contraception was discussed routinely with new mothers by midwives, at some stage during the first two weeks following the baby’s birth.
As a student midwife I learned, and therefore thought I knew, how different forms of contraception worked, e.g. the coil or intrauterine device caused the fertilised ovum to be aborted and I was very clear that this was murder and that I could never advise or encourage anything which would cause a baby’s death.

I learned that were barriers to life for example the cap and the condom and I was taught that the various forms of pills worked also as a barrier to life by making the environment in the cervix or within the womb such that fertilisation could not take place. I was very shocked some years later to learn that contraceptive pills also cause abortion by not allowing the fertilised ovum to embed and grow in the uterus.
I thought that the forms of contraception which did not cause abortion were the lesser of two evils. I took the view that since most of the people I saw were already using contraception, that if I told them how the forms of contraception worked, they would be less likely to use the ones that caused abortions and thus there would be less abortion. I fully understood and agreed with the teaching of the Catholic Church that the sexual act should only take place within marriage. But I did not understand, as I now do, the teaching of the Church that the sexual act within marriage must always be open to life, but that couples can comply with that teaching while practising natural family planning in a responsible way. I practised as a midwife for a very short time and went on to train and practice as a district nursing sister, where I never had to deal with the subject.
Two years later I trained as a health visitor and, again, working with young families I was confronted by the subject of abortion and contraception. I saw the difficulties many families faced and decided for myself that the teaching of the church on contraception (of the type which did not cause abortions) was unrealistic. I resolved to avoid the matter as much as I could by not doing Family Planning training. However, in order to fulfil the requirements of my job, I compromised by informing clients of the existence of the family planning clinic. I later realised this was very wrong of me. At that time I thought I was truly pro-life.
Then my husband introduced me to a group where there were weekly talks from Catholic lawyers, priests, doctors, nurses etc. on the teaching of the church regarding many subjects, including abortion and contraception. I gradually learned and understood why all forms of contraception are wrong and against God’s laws. It was only then I began to learn what being pro-life really meant. I began to seek advice from the group and I did a Natural Family Planning course so that I was better equipped to teach families how to be open to life and yet able to control the size of their families so that they conceived the number of children that in conscience they could provide for spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and materially. Most couples had already used contraception and were adamantly not interested in natural family planning. Some were quite hostile. Health professionals and the public have been brainwashed into thinking natural family planning doesn’t work despite all the research which shows that not only does it work, but that statistically it is safer and much more effective at planning when to have babies than artificial contraception. Ironically it is used in the health service to help infertile couples to conceive! Of course there is much money to be made in the performance of abortions and in the sale of contraceptives. Couples who practice natural family planning learn how their bodies work, how to use that knowledge to plan their babies and how to truly love one another. The only cost involved is that incurred in teaching it. Once learned it is learned forever, no costs no profit for anyone!...Continues tomorrow

Ronni O' Gara

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