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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Wednesday 5 May 2010

My daughter, how I miss her so...regardless of the circumstances of her conception

Abortion in the case of rape? Even if you know it's still always wrong, its one of those horrible questions to deal with. Worse again, some pro-lifers find it so hard to deal with, that they either accept abortion in the case of rape, or say it's an irrelevant question because it only affects small numbers, when compared to abortions done for "social reasons".

But of course it's not that simple.

The woman who has been so abused through rape, deserves our protection, and needs us to fight for her baby and for her health and well-being even when she is too traumatised, too disgusted and too hurt to do so herself.

In case you don't know how to answer this question when it comes up, here's a quote that might help:

"I, having lived through rape, and also having raised a child 'conceived in rape,' feel personally assaulted and insulted every time I hear that abortion should be legal because of rape and incest. I feel that we're being used by pro-abortionists to further the abortion issue, even though we've not been asked to tell our side." (Kathleen DeZeeuw, victim of rape).

Or, the words of another victim, Jackie Bakker, who reports: "I soon discovered that the aftermath of my abortion continued a long time after the memory of my rape had faded. I felt empty and horrible. Nobody told me about the pain I would feel deep within causing nightmares and deep depressions. They had all told me that after the abortion I could continue my life as if nothing had happened."

Finally, a read of these heartbreaking words of Edith Young, a 12-year-old victim of incest impregnated by her stepfather should inspire us all with a passion to protect rape victims and their children. She writes twenty-five years after the abortion of her child: "Throughout the years I have been depressed, suicidal, furious, outraged, lonely, and have felt a sense of loss... The abortion which was to 'be in my best interest' just has not been. As far as I can tell, it only 'saved their reputations,' 'solved their problems,' and 'allowed their lives to go merrily on.'... My daughter, how I miss her so. I miss her regardless of the reason for her conception."

For more information read the excellent article which these quotes are taken from at http://www.afterabortion.org/rape.html

If you are suffering after an abortion call us on 020 7723 1740 or visit our website at http://www.goodcounselnetwork.com/ and see the "suffering after an abortion" page for more help options.
Clare McCullough

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