Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Saturday 22 May 2010

Send us Labourers O Lord

I met Paulina a little while ago. She had gone for an abortion having approached several organisations for help in her pregnancy, but finding none. She went to an 'abortion clinic' as they like to call them. A briefer than brief consultation was done and, hey presto, she was given the first part of the 'abortion pill' (it is actually several pills given over two stages). No blood tests were done, despite the risks of the pill, no questions were asked.
Outside the abortuary a volunteer was giving out our help leaflets. Unfortunately she arrived just after Paulina. Paulina stopped to speak to her on her way home, desolate at her loss and inconsolable that she had missed the offer of help.
Then began her nightmares; her son appeared to her as a young boy, drowning or trapped in deadly situations from which she couldn't rescue him. She would wake screaming, crying, sweating. She felt like her existence was pointless.
Worse was to come, she found she had an infection and though at a return visit to the abortuary they said she was fine, she eventually ended up in hospital where they found she was severely anaaemic and something else was wrong. Did she have an ectopic pregnancy? Was it a cyst? Ne, eventually they decided it was 'retained products of conception' or baby parts inside her. This time a surgical abortion followed to remove her dead baby's remains.
Eventually she came back to see us, remembering the kindness she had received from to of our workers that she had met. She was so low she said 'I am not suicidal because I feel I am already dead.'
Friendship, advice and time have helped Paulina to heal, but the real turning points have been Confession and a Requiem Mass for her son. She is now passionately pro-life and determined to live a good life from this point on.
Please pray for her as she still suffers a lot physically and psychologically and pray for all those women going for an abortion who never get an offer of help or support to keep their babies because 'The labourers are few.'
Clare McCullough

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  1. Thank God for the happy ending, as I thought I had a glimpse of Hell merely reading it! Thank God for you all - I pray that Paulina's healing continues, and thank God for all of you!


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