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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Thursday 6 May 2010

The Truth About Empty Arms

'Pro abortion groups applied pressure to the world's leading medical journal to suppress a report into maternal death rates, it has been claimed.'The Catholic Herald, 23 April 2010.
When I read the article from which the above quote was taken, I could not help but think of the many women we see (at Good Counsel) for whom the truth has been suppressed in so many ways.

The majority of women we see find themselves pregnant due to the failure of the contraception they are using. The first untruth they believe is that using contraception will ensure that they will not become pregnant. Another untruth not only they, but millions of women, believe is that the use of contraception liberates them to be as sexually active as they wish without having to suffer any consequences. This is why they are often so shocked; something they thought was infallible-their contraceptive, has let them down. They, therefore, initially panic and think they cannot cope with, and cannot be responsible for, the resulting pregnancy.

Another untruth is that the problem can be quickly got rid of by abortion and that the woman can go on to lead normal lives. Anyone undergoing any medical procedure is supposed to give their informed consent to the procedure they are having. Despite this, many women tell us they had no idea of the development of the baby they were about to kill, the abortion procedure itself or the possible long term serious effects on their own psychological, physical and emotional health.

In our culture of quick solutions, and self-realisation and self-fulfilment, those who are in a position to offer alternatives to abortion do not do so. Abortion is offered as the only solution to a young woman in a state of distress and panic, frequently exacerbated by pressure from, or abandonment by the baby's father.

I see women after they have given birth who have learned the truth, been brave enough to trust in God's Providence and given life to their babies.

These women often cry with relief and joy, that they did have courage, that there are people who can help, that abortion is not the only alternative, but most of all that they have their babies. I have asked many of them, months later, if they have any regrets. I have never had a 'Yes'. In spite of the difficult lives they sometimes have to lead, their babies are very precious to them. I cannot help but think at times of all of those other women with empty arms, suffering the after affects of abortion who were not given the truth.

Ronni O'Gara

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