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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Some kinds of demons... Part 2 URGENT UPDATE

You have probably heard by now that Marie Stopes (MS) the abortion providers will be airing an abortion advert on Channel 4 on Monday 24th May, Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians.

Despite a public consultation last year which ended with a decision not to allow abortion advertising, Channel 4 and MS claim that the ban does not apply to this advert as they are a 'charity' and do not make a profit from their services.

SPUC has replied to some of these claims here http://spuc-director.blogspot.com/

Where has our society sunk to when the mass slaughter of innocent human beings has become something to promote during a break in our light entertainment? Nations are being annihilated as Our Lady of Fatima warned and we cannot just shake our heads and say "Tut, tut!". The vulnerable young women watching this advert deserve better.


In solidarity with millions of unborn babies who have been aborted, with millions of women who have been hurt by abortion and with the approximately two hundred thousand babies threatened by abortion in England and Wales this year, we can pray and fast to stop this advert being aired.

It is worth repeating Our Lord's own words, 'And He said to them; This kind (of demon) can go out with nothing but prayer and fasting'. Do we REALLY believe him?

Other groups are considering legal challenges, which we support, and we can support them particularly with our fasting and prayer. Good Counsel had already promoted a national day of prayer and fasting on Friday 21st May. Now we are asking you to join this fast day particular for the intention of preventing this tv advertising campaign and any future such plans.

Secondly, you can pass on a link to this blog to all your friends and encourage them to join you.

Since it is such an urgent cause, we are asking people to really do their best to fast as well as they can and to participate in some extra prayer. Maybe to say an extra Rosary, a whole Rosary, attend Mass or spend some time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

There is Mass in our London Centre on Friday at 11.30am followed by a Holy Hour. If you wish to attend, please come to the side door or phone us for details if you don't know where we are; contact Gabrielle: 02077231740

Finally, watch this space for details of a peaceful, prayerful vigil at Marie Stopes on Monday.


  1. Just like Marie Stopes to air Britain's first TV abortion ad on a Feast of Our Lady! I agree re praying, but think it would also be beneficial to raise awareness of abortion as a tool for population control, a opposed to a matter of choice.

  2. Yes, it reminds me of when Levonelle, the Morning-After Pill, was advertised with a heading 'Immaculate Contraception' from the Feast of the Immaculate Conception up to Christmas one year.
    I agree it would be good to raise awareness of abortion as a tool for population control. But I think fasting also has the power to awake people from passiveness about such issues. Clare


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