Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Evidence of Answered Prayers, In The Flesh!

It's not always easy to see the results of our work straight away and therefore our faith is one thing that we must keep in mind at all times and never lose. A couple of incidents over the past few years have made me realise how God works in mysterious ways through our prayers, our work, fasting and our faith in Him. There have been times when I've wondered about the pregnant women who I've met outside the abortuary when giving them our leaflets, or those I've spoken to on the phone and whom I've asked people to pray for, but then they have not turned up for their appointments at our Centre.

There have been a couple of incidents when the women coming out of the clinics have told me they had not gone through with the abortion but that they would need help, but then they did not get in contact with our centre, and for some reason I had not got a chance to speak to them for long or get their contact numbers. So there's always that wondering what happened to the women and their babies in those cases. Wondering whether they have told the truth or whether they changed their minds again and gone ahead with an abortion.

We may never know the answers in this life. However, I noticed that a few women had come to our centre just by finding our leaflets on the street, or left in a church, or by friends or kind doctors or nurses that had given them information about us. We can be sure that this is God’s intervention through our prayers and sacrifices, that these are the people God has touched with His Graces and led them to get the help that they need instead of going for an abortion.

I was praying at the weekly vigil outside the abortion clinic recently when a young women passing stopped and came up to me with her young daughter.

“I came here to have an abortion over three years ago” she told me.

“I noticed there were people praying outside the clinic. I could not go in. This is my daughter and thank God I did not have the abortion that day” she told me with a smile.

“Thank God” I replied smiling at them both.

It has really taught me not to doubt and never to lose faith even when we don’t immediately see the results.

Lorraine Coyne

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