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Wednesday 4 August 2010

Where Do We Draw the Line Re Aborting the Handicapped?

From time to time people will ask what seems to me a preposterous question, ‘ Why are you pro-life’ the reason this seems preposterous to me is because to be pro-life seems perfectly normal to me. Prior to being a Roman Catholic I would have considered Abortion in most circumstances wrong, I would probably not have considered Abortion wrong in the case of pregnancy resulting from rape, or in the case of a woman carrying a handicapped child, but upon reading a letter from a Christian in a secular newspaper defending the right to life of those conceived through rape or those with disabilities I found my position untenable and changed my stance.
Shortly afterwards when I was received into the church and continued to study the Faith it became more and more clear. On one occasion arguing with a National Socialist from Germany, who was a friend of a work colleague, on the issue of Abortion in the case of Handicap, it was nice to find him say at the end of the argument that “your position is obviously far more logical but is not one that I can accept”. The argument that I put forward to him as he argued his case for the master race was: 'At what point did the disability of a child become serious enough to kill them', and it is a question that I would put to any of his fellow travellers who consider the abortion of the handicapped acceptable.
The line drawn by God is clear and unmovable, “Thou shalt not kill.” But where does man seek to draw that line? To abort those who are blind, born with one leg, or one and a half legs, or with a foot missing or a toe, or with dark hair and brown eyes? It is clear throughout the history of Man that when we stray from God’s path we very quickly go to hell. It is incredible to think that we live in a country whose laws on Abortion and Euthanasia have much more in common with the illogical position of the young German national socialist with whom I argued.

The law in England and Wales now states that a handicapped child can be aborted up to and during birth. A considerable number of the MPs who voted for that law in 1990 were elected by Roman Catholics and many of them still, to this day, sit in our house of Parliament.

It is almost beyond belief.

Stuart McCullough

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