Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Thursday 19 August 2010

The "Golden Glow" of Abortion's False Promise

Recently at a vigil outside Bedford Square, it was an especially hot day, when the sun’s golden rays dripped into our eyes and made the road outside the abortuary glare with yellow sunshine. The intensely bright weather was in sad contrast to the many young women whose faces were frozen with anguish, and whose eyes ran and overflowed with tears. We had just spoken to one Muslim girl who told us that ‘I want to keep my baby, don’t want to do this to my baby, but I’m not married, so it better thing that I do now.’ Tears showered from her eyes.
She stopped to talk to us, and told us a familiar situation-that-leads-to-an-abortion. She wasn’t married, and her Muslim boyfriend had told her that her pregnancy was a sin. At first she had refused to abort, thinking that he would get used to it, but he cut off all contact with her, and started seeing two other women. But he had told her that she was in sin because of her pregnancy, and that she had better get rid of the baby, and in doing so better get rid of ‘the sin’, and ‘the evidence’ that they had been sleeping together.
She went into the abortuary, saying that she needed to keep her appointment, and had the abortion. But was never asked if this was actually what she wanted, or if she needed help, or if someone had pressurised her into doing this.

Whatever way the pro-abortionists make the ‘choice’ for abortion appear in a sunshine glow, they have to concede that they never offer women help to get out of stormy situations or help to see through the fog of confusion.

Those who run the abortuaries are complicit in false ideologies that tell women their pregnancies are ‘sins’, and in hiding ‘the evidence’.

And in helping many manipulative men evade their responsibilities.

Mary O'Regan

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