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Monday 23 August 2010

When They Came for The Mentally Incapacitated...

If someone said that in your lifetime a UK government would legalise forced abortions and sterilisations would you think that was scaremongering?

But what if someone told you that such a law was already passed in 2005?

Would it matter that the people who British Courts, behind closed doors, can force to have abortions and sterilisations (so far) have to be deemed "mentally incapacitated"?

Or would it be OK because the law "only" applies to "them"?

Because this is the law in your country, today.

And I think it really matters.

And I think we need to do something about it.

For a start let's pray and fast for the judgement to work against all threats to the dignity and the sanctity of human life in a way that is both moral and effective.

Click here to learn about The Good Counsel Network's Days of Prayer and Fasting for Life.

Click here to find out about attacks on the rights of people with all sorts of disabilities.

The Telegraph reported on this on Thursday 19th August, referring to the case of a married woman with a low IQ and with two children who had previously been taken into care. While on this occassion,

Mr Justice Bodey said it would not be “acceptable” for police to take the married woman from her home before doctors sedated her and imposed birth control on her, against her will.
He said the local authority’s plan, to stop the 29 year-old having more children, “would raise profound questions about state intervention in private and family life”.

However the judge agreed that she lacked the mental capacity to make important decisions about her medical treatment, paving the way for the council to make a further request for force to be used...

The judge said Mrs A’s social worker admitted “there would need to be police involvement” and it would be a “horrendous prospect” for her to be “physically removed from the family home and taken to have contraception under restraint and anaesthesia”.

We should note however, that:

...The council said it “reserves the right” to argue that force should be authorised in the future.

For more information on the current laws in the UK see the following articles:

Clare McCullough

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