Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday 17 August 2010


A recent weekend (6th - 8th August)saw the Evangelium conference held for the third consecutive year, and for the second time at the Reading Oratory Boys School. I can only say that it was a particularly wonderful weekend.

I was there with my wife running a stall for the Good Counsel Network in order to publicise our work and spread the pro-life message.

The speakers were of the highest standard ranging from regular stalwarts like Joanna Bogle speaking about Catholic heroines and Pope Benedict XVI, to equally entertaining American speakers such as Steven Ray and Roy Schoeman who gave their own testimony.

We were fed better than I have ever been fed at any Catholic meeting. The Oratory school provided as much hot and tasty food as even the largest stomach could take for every meal and we were in large open grounds with far reaching views in all directions which could be explored in free time while meeting good like-minded people wherever you looked.

Possibly the most important part of the weekend was the reverence and beauty of all the prayer and Masses. We had the Schola Gregoriana from Cambridge leading the chant for all the Masses and all the priests involved celebrated Mass in a beautiful manner.

I can recommend that if you are looking for a good, sound Catholic conference to go to next year, Evangelium is the place to go!

Conor Carroll

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