Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Wednesday 25 August 2010

To End Forced Abortions & Sterilisations In The UK

In light of Mondays blog explaining just some of the horrors of the Mental Capacity Act it is vitally important that we all act now. All of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats who voted at the time voted against the bill. As they are now the government they need to be made to stand by their convictions and revoke this Act. If you have a Conservative or Liberal MP please contact them immediately asking them to have this Act struck from the statutes book. Click here for a list of MPs and how they voted.

Some of the MPs that voted for this bill are of course no longer in parliament such as Greg Pope who now surprisingly works for the Catholic Education Service. It may be that some MPs that voted for this bill were unaware of the totally evil consequences of their vote. They may have overlooked the fact that this bill, as well as allowing forced abortions and sterilisations also allows for experimentation on the mentally handicapped. The type of experimentation that it allows is not necessarily of any benefit to the individual who is experimented on. Therefore it is also worth contacting MPs who voted in favour of the bill and making your concerns about the bill clear to them in the hope that they will do something about it in Parliament and in the case of Catholics go to confession.

As well as contacting the MPs it is important that we continue to pray and fast for the end of Abortion and Euthanasia in this country. The struggle that we are involved in is not just one of flesh and blood it is of powers and principalities and therefore without God’s assistance it will come to naught.

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