Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Difficulties of Being A Priest

I realised last weekend the difficulties of being a priest one weekend when visiting a parish for a collection for Good Counsel's work.

The Parish Priest is very supportive and is involved with our work. The appeal was mostly very well received.

At the end of the Second Mass of the day I was standing at the back of the church thanking people for contributions which they put in the collecting plates and handing out leaflets when I and the volunteers with me were approached by a man who told us he thought the Church needed to change many of its teachings even though he went Mass every Sunday. It was very difficult to speak to him, but I feel, and I hope, that by the end of the conversation we had explained our side of the story and he might one day come to reconsider his views. We must pray for him.

While I was getting ready for the next Mass I noticed a couple sitting outside the Church in the sunshine. I thought that they were just taking a break from wherever they were walking to. It turned out that they were not. After a short while they approached me to ask when the priest would be finished his sermon. After realising they wanted to speak to him, I informed them that the Mass would probably be about another half an hour. The man informed me that he needed to get married to the lady with him, he then went on to say that he already lived with her and that he was not practicing, although she was a Catholic.

I don’t know which is harder, to speak to someone who has a deep wound and is very hostile towards you and all you stand for or someone who is very blasé about things but living a life which is against the teachings of the church. Whichever it is, both of them are examples of the many people that your priest has to deal with along with helping all the God-fearing Catholics who are living out their lives as the Church teaches to come closer to God.

The year for priests has now come to an end, but we must remember to continue praying for them. Now, more than ever, they need it!

Conor Carroll


  1. "Zacheus, this night I must stay at your home"

    There are two times when our Lord states he must stay somewhere. The home of the Sinner, Zacheus was one of them.

    This is the example to Priests that when in the presence of Sinners, they must work hard towards their redemption.

    Once, a Priest was confronted by a hostile man, whose words were strong venom towards our Divine Master and His Church.

    The Padre brought a whip to him, gave it to him, and taking off the top part of his cassock, fell to his knees saying, “If you are going to beat our Lord, at least do it properly, as the Romans did.”

    The grace of shame came upon him, and he repented. He began to keep his big mouth shut, and put his hands to work helping to extend the Kingdom of Christ.

    Encourage our Priest to stay strong in their Holy Ministry; pray and do penance for them.

    Everything you own should belong to the poor. All your money and clothes should belong to the poor. Place them in the hands of your Priest and Confessor, for he represents the poor.

    If we men cannot or will not do this, our reward is here, we will have no Heaven.

    We will burn in Hell, surrounded by those things that possessed us.

    May God our Lord in His infinite and supreme goodness be pleased to give us His abundant grace, that we may know His most holy will, and entirely fulfill it.



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