Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Tabernacle Installed

Our Tabernacle before (left) and after (below).

We recently asked readers to contribute towards the renovation of an old tabernacle we had been given. Our aim was to replace the tiny tabernacle we had been using with one more suited to our daily Mass and Adoration schedule.
Fr Timothy Finigan had the following to say on the subject:
The tabernacle currently in use is not large enough properly to hold the pyx which contains the Benediction host. It has to be put in (reverently, of course) on its side, in order to fit into the small tabernacle along with the ciborium.

I'm delighted to see that there is now a better tabernacle (see the Maria Stops Abortion blog) donated by a kind priest. Quite properly it has been re-gilded to make it more respectable to hold the Blessed Sacrament. The cost was £1000 - maybe someone might be able to cover this? It would help keep funds available for the vital work of safeguarding unborn children and assisting mothers who are in trouble.
you can see his whole article for 28 May on The Good Counsel Network by clicking here. The new tabernacle is now fitted, but it is not too late to donate to this appeal, please help if you can. Adoration is vital to our work. Helping women to change their minds in the most difficult crisis pregnancy situations.
Clare McCullough

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