Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Thursday 10 June 2010

“Let there be sung ‘Non nobis’ and ‘Te Deum’”

The Abortion statistics for England and Wales 2009 have been released by the department for health.
For the second year running the total number of Abortions in England and Wales has fallen. Whilst it does not seem possible to celebrate in a country where 189,100 Abortions took place, it would seem churlish of us not to thank God for the lives of over 6,000 babies who were not aborted during 2009.
As Shakepeare’s Henry V says after his victory at the battle of Agincourt,
“Come, go we in procession to the village:
And be it death proclaimed through our host
To boast of this or take that praise from God
Which is His only.”
This is a small victory, but it is God’s victory.
Any pro-life activity carried out in God’s name will have helped in this reduction. Whether you pray at the Abortuaries, or in Adoration, or volunteer with a pro-life organisation, or if you join us in our National Days of Prayers and Fasting, or are part of our Rosary Rota, or have lobbied your MP, If you have done this or anything else pro-life in God’s name then you have helped to achieve this small victory.
Remembering what Henry V said, we have had the Te Deum in our Chapel in thanksgiving.
Stuart McCullough


  1. There will be a greater celebration the day that England and all of Britain is converted to the Catholic Faith.


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