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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Friday 18 June 2010

Abortions Continue Because We Lie

I recently watched an inspirational programme on television; A family kept a video diary of the natural world around their large garden through which a river flows. It showed the two parents observe the fascinating flora and fauna and all the fish and animal life and delight in teaching their three little boys about the beauty and wonder of the world around them.
It was good to see the warm family interactions which include all the emotions, love laughter, exasperation, arguments sadness, joy, care and concern both for each other, the environment and the animal and fish life around them. The children observe birth, death and everything in between in a normal and natural way as children should.
When I saw the programme, I was grateful for television which enables us to see close at hand so much of the beauty of God's creation which is around us and which we take so much for granted. It is hard to see why people cannot believe in God when one sees the beauty and order of creation.
There are also instances where animals or fish were killed for food or injured.

There was one particular instance where a baby kingfisher had a broken wing, The father of the family rescued it fed and cared for it, including two trips to the vet, and was visibly very upset when it died. His wife had a dilemma as to whether he should have rescued it in the first place as perhaps the bird would have suffered less by dying quickly and naturally had he left it in the river where he found it.
As I watched the soul searching, the care and attention to nature I thought of all the abortions which take place every day of every year all over the world. If only we could give the same thought and care to the innocent and helpless unborn babies that this bird had. So many of us lie to ourselves and others; "No it is not a baby, it is just a group of cells"(cells with a beating heart at 18 days old when most women do not even realise they are pregnant) ."It is not a baby so it cannot feel pain". How do we know he or she can't? What is the difference between the baby born at 24 weeks lying, in the incubator, showing distress, crying reacting to pain and the baby of 23 weeks gestation still safe and protected in the uterus but about to be aborted because he or she is not perfect in our eyes. There is no difference, we lie and pretend there is, so that we do not have to face the fact that not only are we murderers, we are torturers too.
Ronni O'Gara

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