Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Wednesday 22 February 2023

Celebrating Life 40 Days of Celebrating Mums Choosing Life! Day 1

Now we are into the penitential season of Lent it's good to find some positive things to thank God for and to lift up our hearts and our spirits! During 40 Days for Life you will hear many stories in the media about pro-lifers abusing and harassing expectant mothers, but that is not what we do. Our peaceful and prayerful witness offers life and hope to mothers who would otherwise be coerced by others or by their circumstances into aborting.

Today we celebrate Belinda who chose life for her baby last week. Despite her baby having a serious health condition and not being expected to live for very long, Belinda felt harassed and pushed into abortion, and asked us for help to pursue life affirming support to keep her baby. That's what we are currently doing. Please pray especially for Belinda today. And please join our 40 Days for Life vigil in Brixton if you can, call Gabriella to join on 07745711064.

You can also donate to help us support mums like Belinda, here 

You can find other 40 Days for Life Campaigns around the UK and the world here 

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