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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday 28 February 2023

40 Days of Celebrating Mums Choosing Life Day 7: Elaine

Elaine who received our help some years ago tells her story of choosing life:

How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant?

I had mixed feelings, I was happy that I had a new life growing inside my body, but I was also very worried and anxious because I knew that it would be extremely difficult to cope with a new baby in the situation my family was going through.

What made you choose abortion?

I was under intense pressure to cope with the housing situation, financial situation and the health challenges I was facing. 

What was it like when you went to the abortion centre?

I went there, but I just got up, cried and left because it was a decision I was struggling to come to terms with. I didn't know how I would cope but luckily on my way home, I saw someone sharing leaflets during the 40 Days for Life campaign and a sign that said..."Pregnant? Need help? We can help"

What made you choose life for your baby that day?

I got the leaflet, called the number on it but I was very skeptical because it seemed to good to be true.

What help were you offered by The Good Counsel Network? 

They offered me financial, emotional and housing support that I needed to navigate that very difficult moment of my life.

What help did you actually receive? 

I got help with baby clothes, food vouchers, advice, counselling and several letters to the council until my family was rehoused in more decent accommodation.

Lorraine, Yvonne and everyone at The Good Counsel Network really helped me. They are doing  amazing work and saving many lives. I'm just immensely grateful to God and everyone at  Good Counsel Network, for supporting me and my family. Whenever I look at my son, I just think of what would have happened if I hadn't received any support

Thanks to everyone who has helped me. May God bless you all xx🙏

Help us reach out to Mothers like Elaine with prayer, help and support by attending the 40 Days for Life Vigil near you. We are running one in Brixton, please contact Gabriella for details on 07745711064. Or find your nearest 40 Days for Life campaign here Donate to help us support Mothers in need here 

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