Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Friday 27 July 2012

Making Good Decisions

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”
As a Christian and Catholic, I believe that every human life is precious, from conception to natural death. Not one is more or less important than another, no matter what age, gender,
religion, race or ability. In this secular world that we live in, the dignity of every person isn’t respected and I want to protect those whose dignity has been forgotten.

In many situations when a woman falls pregnant, in today’s society, it is seen either as a “problem” or a blessing, depending on whether a baby is “unwanted” or loved. Facts are, not
one baby is a problem, and every single one is loved and is wanted by someone. Scientifically, in each and every conception, there is a completely unique set of DNA, every baby being unique. When someone has a problem, it is natural to look for solutions. Not every problem is black and white. It’s easiest to look for a physical state in a person to try to change. Most times, the problems are further below the surface. By “changing” physical state, you only risk increasing emotional, psychological and very often mental issues. I believe if someone is going to make a decision, they should look at all their options, at every angle.

We all have fallen from God’s grace but we all have the same opportunity to make choices to try and choose the best path. Sometimes bad choices are made with good intentions. Bad choices
are made because not every choice is presented, and not every possible consequence of each of these choices is revealed. Women and often their partners are led towards the closest, quickest and therefore easiest solution without thinking of how it will affect them negatively.

Many times a mother has not seen the alternate options before having an abortion. Many times also, needless-to-say, a father who has been involved in an abortion has not seen the alternate options. We must not push aside the harm of these abortions, no matter how long ago they were, just because the “product” of the abortion is not physically present. It is extremely important for this mother or father to talk about it. The healing they can get from knowing of God’s forgiveness is crucial. The healing they can get from properly grieving, like they would for the loss of
any other loved one, is also crucial.

As a person of pro-life beliefs I want to show women that there are other options, that give every person involved a chance at life and that there are people who won’t judge, but want to help them in a long term way. Every choice you make has long term effects, whether you choose life or not, but in a pregnancy, choosing life is the choice that continues to keep good options open.
Rachael McEvoy

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