Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Thursday 24 March 2011

Five-fold Increase in Women Coming to Good Counsel - Help Us Feed and House Mothers and Babies Today

Babies - they and their mums are what it's all about.

It is always a great blessing to be busy in our work. The more women we see, the more women we can offer alternative options and support, and the more of them we can pray for - hopefully resulting in more women keeping their babies.
Through various initiatives to spread our work, we have recently had a more than five-fold increase in the women that we are seeing. And almost all of them are coming to us set on abortion.
This has meant a great increase in the number of women who have chosen life for their children.
What we have not had however is a five-fold increase in the financial support we receive. Nor even a two-fold increase. So I am writing this to ask you to put your hand in your pockets to help us out at his time. We urgently need some lenten sacrificial giving or the weekly vouchers we send out to Mothers who are not entitled to any other support will be threatened by our lack of funds. Our resources are depleting rapidly and yet 23 women are currently dependent on us for food each week and 9 of these are being housed by us.
Many of them will only need our help for about 1 year, before going back to independence, but in their hour of need we cannot let them down.
There are several options for donating which you can see here.
If you can help, please do and please pass this message on to your friends by sending them a link.
We always need your prayers for expectant mums under pressure, especially Ann, Una and Alana.
And lastly if you can help with donations of baby goods please click here to see what we need:
http://www.goodcounselnet.co.uk/Donating-Baby-Items.html and phone us on 02077231740 or email us at info@goodcounselnetwork.freeserve.co.uk to arrange collection or a time for you to drop it off.

Clare McCullough

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  1. The fact that this was posted at 1.09am is a clear sign that things are busy and urgent!


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