Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday 15 March 2011

Photo Of An Aborted Baby Saves A Life

I was counselling a pregnant married muslim Mother a few days ago. She already has a number of young children and has just moved house and felt that she could not cope with another baby just yet. I explained about the development of her child, its heart had started to beat between day 18 & 21, she could see the fingers and the eyes in the nice picture that I showed her. We talked about what abortion would do to the baby and I showed her a beautiful photo of a baby at 8 weeks before and after abortion. We talked about the medical risks to her health & we talked a bit about God, but she interrupted me at that point to say, "I changed my mind when you showed me the photo" and she pointed at the not very nice before and after photo (now face down on the table) . We then spent some time talking about all the help we could give her.
It is important to use graphic abortion photos, along with all the other means at our disposal, to help women avoid abortion.
But I know as well that it is important not to become too fixed on the idea that just one pro-life solution (such as showing graphic pictures of aborted babies) is the only thing that works; I have seen many women who have seen what abortion really involves, but have still gone ahead and had one anyway.
I have seen women keep their baby after seeing the 'nice' baby photos.
Often solving a real practical problem such as housing, or help with immigration issues etc, will save the baby's life.
Most often God is clearly the one who changes the heart and mind of the woman, via all the above-mentioned information.
So please Pray & Fast for the end of abortion. To see what abortion really looks like (WARNING it is not nice) click here.

Stuart McCullough

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