Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
Protect Expectant Mothers and Their Babies


Saturday 12 March 2011

"Don't give me any of your Pro-Life #*@!"

I was outside marie stopes last week. Handing out leaflets that give info on the help available to women who will, with God’s help, decide to choose life instead of abortion. Sometimes people think that we are there to condemn and judge the ladies that are coming to the abortuary which, I might add, we definitely are not there to do. So people sometimes shout abuse at us while passing by, or tell us that they don’t like what we are doing, even though they don’t take the time to ask about what we are doing!
So anyway, I tried to hand a lady a leaflet and she promptly told me that she didn’t want any of my “anti-choice ***** ”. That we were “out of order” being there.
So I told her we were pro-life. She argued that we were not so I asked her when she thought life began. To which she answered “At birth”.
I then told her that medical scientists & biologists largely agreed that life begins at conception. She disagreed with this fact and told me she thought it was untrue, as she worked for the Department of Health .
I then made he mistake of asking her, sarcastically, if she was a scientist or a biologist, to which she replied that she was and then walked off!
We are taught to see the person of Christ in all the people we meet while we are outside the abortuary.( especially the ones who are nasty to us). So instead of being sarcastic, what I should have done was pray for God’s blessing on her. But while we are doing the vigil, God reveals things like that to us all the time.
Later while I was praying a few things came me; While looking through one of the leaflets, I noticed there were plenty of choices in it- just not the one option of killing a baby in the womb.
My thoughts and prayers also came around to the horrible murder of pregnant Nikitta Grender and her unborn daughter who she had already named Kelsey Mae. May they rest in peace. It had been all over the news that the perpetrator of this horrendous crime would also be charged with child destruction and rightfully so. The lady who said that she worked for the health deptartment might not agree but thank God, in this case, the Crown Prosecution Service does.
Eddie Bauer

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