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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Tuesday 2 November 2010

The World Doesn't Really Believe We Are Violent

Now that 40 Days for Life has finished, I have had time to reflect a bit on what people really think about pro-lifers. We think we know what the world thinks, but I wonder if what the world says it thinks and what the world really thinks is the same thing.

People in the street and the secular media say pro-lifers are fanatics, bigots, anti-choice lunatics, aggressive, repressive and violent. On the edge of shooting an abortionist at any moment. That's what they say. Just look at yesterday's Daily Mail article (The new abortion war: Doctors murdered... clinics firebombed. Could Britain follow in the steps of the militant U.S. 'pro-lifers'?)or last week's Independent article for evidence of these views.

Yet when I am standing outside Whitfield St abortuary next to a banner marked "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you - God", I cannot believe that they really believe what they say. Firstly, numerous passers by look in interest at the sign to see what we are about. As they read the scripture verse they distort their faces in horror and grimace at us. I am not exaggerating, yet it seems a pretty extreme response to a little verse from scripture. What is so terrible about that verse? Or do they in their often unbelieving state feel turmoil and feel aware that "scripture is alive and active"? It seems to trouble them anyway. It reminds me of a talk I heard a few years ago which said that atheism is one of the worst forms of satanism...

But what really makes me feel they don't believe what they say about us is the level of abuse, ridicule, anger and aggression levelled at us when we stand there. Often 1 passer by will hurl abuse at 10 of us. Sometimes the abortuary staff join in likewise. Using a torrent of bad language or even a physical threat, the one aggressor seems to feel remarkably safe facing 10 fanatical bigots supposedly with murderous intent! Would, you for example, approach a group of 10 drunken louts on a Saturday night, alone and swear at them, endeavour to correct their wrong-headed approach to life or threaten them? Not if you are sane probably.

So I have to conclude that somewhere in the back of their pro-abortion minds they know that we will not retaliate, that we will not attack, that we will not even ridicule, insult or try to hurt them. I have to conclude, in fact, that by our witness to the sanctity of life of the tiniest and the weakest, subconsciously, they recognise our love and respect for life extends to their lives too. Yes, they know we are Christians by our love.

Clare McCullough


  1. It seems to me that Jane Fryer can't read - which may explain her warped view...

    Her article states the banner says:
    Before I formed you in the world I knew you.....

    As the mother of one of the protesters she interviewed I was:
    a. grateful to know our class (middle - though I doubt we would meet the Mail's definition of middle class somehow!)
    b. aggravated at the particular quote she used, out of all my daughter actually said to her
    c. amused at the description of tiny bronze baby feet worn around my daughter's neck - it is actually a necklace she was given by a Christian friend - the feet relate to the poem "Footsteps" which she and her friend both like. No harm though - she was delighted that the reporter assumed the meaning reported.

    God bless.


  2. Oops.
    My blog address (above) is incorrect.
    Should be:
    Thanks Clare!


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