Our Lady of the Wayside

Our Lady of the Wayside
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Friday 19 November 2010

The Importance of Praying for Palin

Of all pro-life politicians the world over, Sarah Palin has got guts. Throughout the 2008 presidential election, she was candid about her pro-life views and this wasn’t just to get ‘the pro-life vote’. Prior to running as vice president, when she was a little-known governor of Alaska, she said no to an abortion for her unborn son. In her autobiography, "Going Rogue" she told her story about learning that her unborn son had Down’s Syndrome, and how abortion was presented to her as ‘the quick and easy solution.’ She went against the tragic trend of aborting a child with a disability, and now that she is so high-profile and has two and a half million fans on Facebook, she is a great example to other women.
In the past weeks, Sarah Palin spoke at a pro-life even organised by Heroic Media. She said that she is ‘unapologetically pro-life’ and that ‘choosing life may not be the easiest path, but it’s the right choice.’
Palin is now considering running for president in 2012. We have reason to hope that she might secure the Republican nomination, according to the American Associated Press Gfk poll 79% of self-proclaimed Republicans favour Palin as presidential candidate.
While we will not have a vote in the US presidential election, we have time to pray and win graces from Heaven for Sarah Palin. For one thing, I will be requesting of my parish priest that he offer a Mass for Sarah Palin, that she is able to run as president, and that she is successful in her bid.
(Click Heroic Media for their website.http://www.heroicmedia.org/site/PageServer?pagename=HM_HOMEPAGE )

Mary O' Regan

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