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Our Lady of the Wayside
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Saturday 13 November 2010

Men Can be Victims of Contraceptive Mentality Too

Men are also victims of the contraceptive mentality
‘It’s his entire fault that I’m pregnant!’
‘We thought the vasectomy was a hundred percent, that there was no chance that I would ever get pregnant’ sighed ‘Connie’. ‘Tut! Tut! Some guarantee against pregnancy the snip turned out to be!’ This past week, ‘Connie’s’ boyfriend ‘Gabriel’ went to the GP who told him that a vasectomy is not always one hundred percent... Connie put on the doctor’s nasally voice and sneered, ‘Vasectomy is approaching one hundred per cent, but even if your partner has been sterilised by vasectomy there is still the smallest chance of pregnancy.’
Connie is furious because she is much further along in her pregnancy than she thought. ‘Do you really think that I’d be thinking about having an abortion if his ****** sperm hadn’t got my egg?’
When we discussed the abortion complications and how women can feel very angry with their men folk afterwards, Connie almost yelled, ‘I want to kill him now! I know after the abortion, I’ll want to brain him completely! It’s his entire fault that I’m pregnant!’
I suggested to Connie that she sounded as if she wanted to punish Gabriel.
‘Yeah, but what’s so wrong with that? I’ve already been so cross with him...and...’ Connie put her fist inside her hand.
When I mentioned that often women want to break up with their boyfriends after an abortion, she clicked her tongue and said,
‘I’m not going to forget that he got me pregnant. I doubt we’ll be a couple in a few days. He doesn’t have to go through an abortion, and I can’t forgive him for putting me in this situation. I know the doctor said that the snip isn’t always foolproof, but it’s my boyfriend’s entire fault.’

Mary O'Regan

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